čtvrtek 8. listopadu 2012

Code of Practice, evropská matematická společnost

Evropská matematická společnost EMS vydala nový "Code of Practice".

The document lists strong recommendations to authors of mathematical papers, to editors and publishers, to referees and to users of bibliometric data. The EMS Ethics Committee offers its services to investigate cases of claims of unethical behaviour and it describes procedures for verification, for mediation, and for communication of its findings.

[dokument] [Evropská matematická společnost]

Úryvky z odstavce "Responsibilities of users of bibliometric data":
  1. Whilst accepting that mathematical research is and should be evaluated by appropriate authorities, and especially by those that fund mathematical research, the Committee sees grave danger in the routine use of bibliometric and other related measures to assess the alleged quality of mathematical research and the performance of individuals or small groups of people.
  2. It is irresponsible for institutions or committees assessing individuals for possible promotion or the award of a grant or distinction to base their decisions on automatic responses to bibliometric data.

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