pátek 29. března 2024


  • Seminar on partial differential equations
    2.4.2024 (úterý), 9:00, IM CAS, Žitná 25, blue lecture hall, rear building, ground floor and on Zoom
    Jiří Neustupa (Institute of Mathematics, CAS): On steady solutions to the MHD equations with inhomogeneous generalized impermeability boundary conditions for the magnetic field
  • Noon lectures
    4.4.2024 (čtvrtek), 12:20, MFF UK, Malostranské nám., posluchárna S6, 2. patro
    Torsten Ueckerdt (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology): When Surrounding is not Catching in Cops and Robber
  • Seminář numerické matematiky
    4.4.2024 (čtvrtek), 14:00, MFF UK, Sokolovská 83, posluchárna K3
    Pavel Kocán: Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations in nanoscience: from molecules to single charges
  • Combinatorial group
    5.4.2024 (pátek), 10:00, ICS CAS, Pod Vodárenskou věží 2, Prague 8, room 318 and on Zoom
    Petr Savický (ICS CAS): On CNF formulas irredundant with respect to unit clause propagation
  • Current Problems in Numerical Analysis
    5.4.2024 (pátek), 11:00, IM CAS, Žitná 25, rear building, ground floor
    Jan Brandts (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands): Some Notes on the Orthogonal Procrustes Problem

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