pátek 11. června 2021


  • Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics Webinar
    14.6.2021 (pondělí), 16:00, online via Zoom
    Nicolás Sanhueza-Matamala (Czech Academy of Sciences): Degree conditions for spanning structures in dense graphs
  • Seminar on partial differential equations
    15.6.2021 (úterý), 9:00, Institute of Mathematics, AS CR, Žitná 25, Prague 1, blue lecture hall, ground floor of the building beyond the backyard AND ALSO online via Zoom
    Nilasis Chaudhuri (TU Berlin): Convergence of consistent approximations to the complete compressible Euler system
  • Seminar on Applied Mathematical Logic
    16.6.2021 (středa), 16:00, online via Zoom
    Norihiro Yamada (University of Minnesota): Dependent types and finite limits in games
  • Current Problems in Numerical Analysis
    18.6.2021 (pátek), 9:00, online via Zoom
    Lubomíra Balková-Dvořáková (Czech Technical University in Prague): Antipalindromic numbers

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