pátek 11. prosince 2015

Electronic Healthcare Documentation

Call for papers for the conference

Electronic Healthcare Documentation

by the EuroMISE Mentor Association and Czech society of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics
under the auspices of Charles University in Prague, First faculty of medicine

Conference venue: House of Physicians, Sokolská 31, Prague 2,
 February 11, 2016

The challenges of health information management are capturing and storing medical and health data and to deploy appropriate systems supporting physicians and health personnel to analyze and manage that data for use in different decision-making tasks. Methods of electronic data capture has to serve to the objectives of further data use. It means that electronic healthcare documentation should support medical decision making and be the source of new medical knowledge.  Critical factors in the successful use of data are the legally and ethically compliant access to, as well as the semantically correct management and analysis of integrated patient data, the possibility to collect data on the maximal possible level of accuracy and confidence, the opportunity to share the data and use them for decision support across in medicine and healthcare and for new knowledge discovery.


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